Saturday, June 18, 2011

Glitter in the Haze


I hope y'all are enjoying your weekend (sorry, I'm watching Country Strong... and I was born in Virginia, so its kinda a habit) Anyway, tonight I have some pictures of a franken I made a few weeks ago but hadn't tested it yet. I liked the idea of Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air, where the pieces of glitter "float" in a sheer polish due to the multiple layers. So after getting WnW Party of Five Glitters, I used a bunch of that to make this franken. The recipe is: about 1/4 bottle of clear (I used top coat and don't recommend using fast drying top coat like I did), about 1/4 bottle of PoFG, about 20 drops of Zoya Zara, about 20 drops of Nicole I'm a Beliber, about 10-20 drops of white, and about 20 drops of Nicole Make a Comet-Ment. I really like the way this came out although the formula is very thick and goopy like white school glue and dries really fast which is a good and a bad thing. Its a good thing because it allows me to layer it quickly without waiting a long time for each individual coat to dry. Its a bad thing because it dries almost as soon as I paint it on, so if I make a mistake, I can't just wipe it off, plus it makes application difficult. Also, the glitter pieces are very difficult to get on the brush and then to transfer enough pieces to the nail. So the application style tends to be similar to the way I apply PoFG on its own; sort of a dabbing type thing.

I didn't use top coat for this because it dried so fast.

Here's an extreme close up done by cropping in iPhoto where I edit. I didn't know I could do this is until now and I really like it. You can see all the pretty sparkle that MaC-M added to it. And the hex glitter shows really well.

Unfortunately, due to the 4 coats I put on, the polish was so thick that I was able to peel it off in sheets literally a few minutes after these pictures were taken, resulting in this:

Also, I cut some beautiful white and pink peonies from my mom's garden. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, they're just so gorgeous to me. I took some pictures of them and posed a little with them. Enjoy!

This is my favorite

I hope you all liked that and have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. that's cute and simple. me likey!

    it's weird but i enjoy peeling off polishes when they're too thick. lol.

    linked u up. new follower here. hope u visit me too!


  2. Thanks, Kate! I also enjoy peeling off thick polishes as well as peeling polish off of my plastic pallette... lol. I will check you out, thanks for following! :)


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