Saturday, June 25, 2011

Splatter Nails


Today I have for you guys (Hi new followers! Thanks for choosing Ha Bisky Nails!!) a mani I did the night before last. I was strongly inspired (okay, I copied) this post by Jen, The PolishAholic. I fell in love with the bottom one and knew I had to do it! To do it I used a combination of the two awesome splatter mani tutorials by Jen and the lovely Jessica at Jessica's Nail Art linked Jen's here and Jessica's here. Whew, I think that's enough links!! I used both of their tutorials because they're both the same basic idea but each with a unique way of explaining things and each offers their own helpful tips as well! I used Jessica's idea of using tin foil to put the polish on as I found that to work better than a paper plate/piece of paper because paper absorbs polish. I also found Jen's tip of "fast, quick puffs of air" to blow since I was having issues at first while I was practicing, getting any polish to come out of the straw. I could just see my doctor shaking her head at me because due to my slight asthma (I know, how can one have slight asthma...? I'm not sure, but its mild and mostly exercise-induced) This left me feeling a little light headed when I was done from all the puffing, but it wasn't too bad.

 Close up of the nail that came out best, my ring.

For this mani, I began with a base of WnW Black Creme topped with Pure Ice Rio, a combo which I posted on a while ago. This creates a magical purple/blue sparkly duochrome. Then, following the tutorial(s) instructions created my splatters. If you're interested, I suggest checking out one or both of the links above to see how to do it, because that's exactly what I did. Fair warning though: this is MUCH messier than I thought. And time consuming. And frustrating. For me, it was quite frustrating because, like I said, I had issues getting the polish out of the straw. I was like "WTF IS THIS SHIT!!? There is no way this is gonna work!!" But then it did. You just gotta keep at it until it happens, its like Konad, theres a learning curve, but once you get it, its so fun and easy and you get an awesome nail art design with not a lot of effort! This also requires no artistic skill whatsoever, and is almost impossible to f-up.

I splattered first using WnW NERDS Need Love Too, which I have posted on before, on all my nails and then did Nicole I'm A Belieber, which I found to splatter much better than NNLT for some reason. I topped it with SV, because the blowing through the straw made the polish dry weird, kinda matte, plus this was lumpy.

More crappy indoor lighting flash pics because its still raining here and we haven't seen the sun for days now. :( Please excuse the weird chipping around my cuticles (no clue how this happened) and the chips on my middle and index nails. My nails like the chip in the shower.

That's all for today. Now I have to get to work on my mom's birthday party stuff. She's turning 50 tomorrow and we have a huge party planned (shhhhh.... its a secret, she doesn't know how big the party is, she just thinks its a small gathering but there's really like 30+ people coming!) I have to make these posters with quotes on them about turning 50, type up the Jeopardy game questions (my mom LOVES Jeopardy) and make some decorations and sort through the bag of decorations my aunt gave me. Yeah, I've procrastinated because its tomorrow and I've had days and days to work on it... I'm also doing her nails tonight. I showed her the splatter and she loved it and wants it for her birthday. So I'm doing a splatter of fun, bright rainbow colors and accent ring nails on both hands, on one hand a birthday cake with candles and on the other a 50. This should be fun to do on the couch!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I may post my mom's nails tonight if they come out well...

Thanks for looking, following, and commenting!!



  1. I like that you did it on a shiny base! Cute :)

  2. I think that's so cute! =D

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  3. Hah! What a CUTE idea :) I'm going to have to try this soon! Maybe red, white, and BLUE for the 4th?! <3

  4. Turned out great!!! Glad my tutorial was helpful :)

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  6. Thanks everyone!
    @D.Sadie: I'll check you out!
    @Whitney: That's awesome idea! I am wondering what to do for the 4th and I love that idea, I won't steal it though. :)
    @Jess: Thanks again for your tutorial, it was so helpful!

  7. cool idea! i think i must try it too.hehe! by the way im a new follower. i enjoy reading your blog. :)

    visit my blog :)

  8. You did a great job and are brave for trying lol... it came out awesome! Somehow I feel that if I attempted this I would make a huge mess...

  9. Thanks!
    @Neelai: Thank you, sweetie! Give it a try, I'd love to see it! I'll check out your blog. Thanks so much for following!
    @GothamPolish: Haha, thanks! I did make a huge mess! But it was worth it!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Mummy! I love the nails... Will have a try later:)


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