Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Haul from Zoya and the Mall of NH

Hey everyone!

I hope that you are all enjoying this lovely 4th of July weekend to all of our American readers (and to our international readers, a lovely weekend). Today I went to the Mall of New Hampshire with Fiona. The Mall of NH is centrally located between out two houses since we live in different parts of the state. But before I went to the mall today, I got a package from Zoya today that contained the Color Lock System promo that I ordered last Friday. The mail lady that drops off my packages at my house is very stealthy since I didn't even hear her drive by or leave the package on the porch; she must be trained in the ways of the ninja! But that just meant that my package was now pretty hot and I was afraid that my bottles in the Color Lock System or the free Sunshine collection I got might have exploded in the heat of the intense New England summer and sun.

Color Lock System

Sunshine collection: Reva, Kimmy, Rica, Tansy, Apple, and Faye. Don't know why Kimmy's looking more orange than red in this pic...

But anyway, back to the mall. The Mall of NH just put in a brand spankin' new Ulta store right in our state! Before, the closest Ulta to us was in Portland, ME which is still a good 2 hour or so drive from my part of the state. All I have to say about this store is that it is EPIC. They have so many OPIs, Essies, China Glazes, and Orlys that it was mind blowing. We walked into the store and just stood there for a good 30 seconds taking it all in. I was amazed with all of the different products they had from Cover Girl cosmetics to Bare Essentials mineral makeup (which I almost bought but due to no prices I didn't). This Ulta kind of had a selection of Zoyas, but it was one Intimates collection display that had been pretty picked over since it only contained two bottles of Dove (which I already have) and to my delight, two bottles of Marley. I was happy to finally get Marley since I've been wanting her since I saw her on the swatch plate that came with our Earth Day promo package. I also found a bottle of Orly Space Cadet hidden on an end display of China Glazes and OPIs on the very bottom underneath the display for some OPIs. Someone must have put it there so they could come back later for it; too bad for them since I bought it, sorry person. : ( They also had the Nice Stems! collection from OPI, but they didn't have the one I wanted which was I Lily Love you (a polish that contains flaky pieces in it). They only had it in a mini Nice Stems! collection that would only be good for one-time usage.

Space Cadet and Marley

I was actually proud of myself since I was able to walk out of Ulta without buying a million polishes. I just wished they had more Zoyas than what I found. Maybe in a few months they will, but for now our NH Ulta is not stocked up on Zoya. If they did have more Zoyas than I would have walked out with more. I did well until, like Fiona just said, we went into this store called Hair Cosmopolitan.

I had only seen a display that contained a lot of OPIs and I was hoping that I might find I Lily Love you in there, but then Fiona kept calling my name until I finally turned around and saw the large display of Zoyas. I think my brain just shut down seeing it. I had such a hard time picking out two colors that I really wanted since they had so many that have been on my want list since becoming a Zoya addict. I finally settled on Pinta and Yasmeen since they were two of the purples that I've really wanted for a bit. I almost picked up Roxy instead, but I really wanted those two. I then decided I needed a bottle of Freja as well since it was a cool gunmetal grey.

 Yasmeen, Freja, and Pinta

But the best part was that at the register, they had a display that contained some Nice Stems! polishes. And guess what polish I found?

I Lily Love you: Epic Win

Here's another pic of it to show more of the flakies and glitter that's in this awesome polish:

So besides the mall being 90 degrees since they clearly didn't have the AC on, it was a great day spent with Fiona! And sorry for rambling on at times; hope you all have a great rest of 4th of July weekend (or just weekend for international viewers)!


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