Sunday, July 3, 2011

Patriotic Nail Fail and Guest Nails


I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

So, I was bored this afternoon since the internet was out, because my dad was doing some repairs to the airport so our wireless works faster, and I decided to do some 4th of July nail art. I had an idea of what I wanted to try, mainly to see if I could actually do it, so I gave it a try.

And failed.

It's not a miserable fail, which is why I'm posting it, but its not very good either. No laughing, okay?

I'm gonna keep this smaller too, because I'm not all that proud of them. Feel free to click to enlarge for detail if you wish.

For this failed art I started by alternating white, red and blue on my fingers. I used Wet n' Wild French White, SH XW Cherry Red and Fashion Bug Dark Denim. Then I painted the stars and the "USA" with a nail art brush using China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Pure Ice Beware (silver glitter) and Pure Ice Strapless (blue glitter.) Then I made some white stars using the same white and then (unsuccessfully) outlined the stars with the white on the red and the blue nails. I didn't use top coat (although that would have made the pictures look about 10 times better) because my SV is on its last leg and has only about 1 or 2 more uses left in it and since this was coming right off after I didn't bother.

The fingers that sucked the worst were the index and the pinkie. The ring and thumb were the best (uhhh... in terms of this mani...) and the middle is just okay.

The 2 fingers I liked the most.

Overall, I think the idea is good, the execution just could have been better. Also, maybe it would look better with less glitter, like only one glitter star per nail? I don't know... I'll try again tonight (something different!!) for my actual 4th mani and show it tomorrow.

Now here's some patriotic nail art that I actually like!! I did my mom's and my sister's nails for the 4th and like how they came out.

These are my mom's nails. I used the same colors mentioned above (my base colors, not the glitters). As you can see she has tip wear already after 1 day because I didn't put any top coat on.

And these are my sister's (she's 13 in case you didn't already know that.) This is done on a set of acrylic nails (Kiss, most likely.)

I used Sinful Social Ladder as a base to make the acrylics shiny and sparkly and then I painted a french on, freehand using WnW French White. I went over just the french tip with WnW Kaleidoscope (holo glitter) and then using my striper brush, striped across the bottom of where the white met the pink with Dark Denim. Then, using the striper again, striped above the blue, but leaving a space of white, with Cherry Red. Then I striped over the blue stripe with Strapless. Then just on her thumbs, dotted white with a toothpick; I would have done all her fingers but she lost patience and ran away.

I know the red stripe on the thumb on the left looks jacked up but most of them looked fine and you can't tell from a distance!

Uhhh... I can't think of an ending... so...

Thanks for looking, commenting and following!



  1. I don't think your mani was too bad! I think it would've turned out great if they were all on a white background! I was going to do all mine on CG Midnight Mission and tried it on a nail wheel first and my red hardly showed up over such a dark color!

    I loved your moms nails, though! Good job :)

  2. Thanks, Whitney! Yeah, its hard to get red to show up on a dark background!


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