Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mall Haul and Zoya Roxy!


How is everyone this lovely Saturday evening? I am awesome! Why? Because I just hauled a bunch of polish from the mall (mainly Ulta) with Amanda this afternoon!

Wanna see what I got? Of course you do!

From top L-R: China Glaze Blue Iguana, Starboard and Crushed Candy. SH HD Laser and Zoya Roxy
Bottom L-R: Orly Halley's Comet (!!!!!), Royal Velvet, and Blue Collar. OPI No Room For the Blues.

Not as big a haul as some people but this is the most I have ever spent on nail polish and got at one time!! It was exhilarating!! Ulta is like a nail polish heaven! I couldn't believe all the choices! We spent close to an hour or more in there. I was glad they were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on polish or all this would have cost me a lot more! When the guy first rang me up, he hadn't added in the free polish and it had come to $20 more than I actually spent, I was so scared!! I was so close to getting the OPI Grand Slam set with Grape... Set... Match! and Serving Up Sparkle but there wasn't a price on it (a common theme we discovered at Ulta... annoying) and I was afraid it was super expensive so I didn't. I was also contemplating getting Turquoise Shatter and passed it up and by the time we had come back to it, it was gone! :( I also almost got OPI Purple With a Purpose but when I realized the BOGO didn't apply to OPI, I quickly put it back since the OPIs are $8.50.

The Zoya came from a place called Hair Cosmopoliton. Amanda and I were just walking around and saw polish through the window and went in to check it out. She went right to the giant OPI display and I immediately saw the giant Zoya tower and was like, "Amanda... Amanda... AMANDA!!" And then she had a heart attack when she saw it! I only got one because they were $7.99 but it was hard to resist!

It was hard to decide which to wear first (I love them all so much! So many lemmings are killed!) but Roxy was calling out to me so I put it on. And Oh. My. God. WOW. This one goes straight into my Top 5 Favorite polishes ever (if I had a Top 5 list...)

Just... just... just.. LOOOK AT EEET!!

Amazing-sauce, full of win... whatever... Zoya Roxy is stunning. Simply stunning. And I don't even like these types of colors!! I don't know whether to call this a glitter or a sparkle *EDIT* I've decided to classify this as a glitter because it removes like a glitter, so break out your acetone and tin foil!... somewhere in between. Now, I'm no polish expert, but to me, after studying this intently, this looks to be magenta glitter and shimmer suspended in a dark raspberry jelly base. The base is definitely dark, and the glitter/sparkle/shimmer pieces are definitely magenta. Shown is 3 effortless coats with SV. I did a quick clean-up because I was trying to catch the some sunlight before the sun set, which fortunately I did!

Here's about a million more pictures... sorry but this soooo pretty I had to!

It's darker and has more depth than this...

So I think I've made my point clear... Zoya Roxy is beyond gorgeous!! So, so, so glad I decided to pick this up!

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend (in case I don't post again until Monday)!!

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  1. OMG!! That polish is so cute! I'll have to find some online!

  2. Thanks Aimee! You can find it on or maybe cheaper on Zoya is always having promotions though so you could get it for really cheap!


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