Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm pleased to present... (PIC HEAVY)

... but first formalities...


First off, wow, we're up 5 followers in 2 days which may not seem like a lot to some but for us, that's a lot! Thanks new followers!! We've been blogging for almost 5 months now and are almost at 50 followers. Not as fast as some people have grown but at least we're growing. Anywhoo...

I have an amazingly awesome fantastical post today. In fact its so great that those words don't even describe it. I don't have any words to describe it... so I'm not even gonna talk about it. Yup. That's how amazing it is. Fiona is speechless and is resorting to referring to herself in the third person momentarily.



Chunky Purple Holo!! (well actually the label says "Chunky Holo Purple" but whatever...)

Okay, so now you're probably wondering (like I was when I saw this and this) where do I get these and how much are they? Go to the Beauty Joint website where they are $1.75 each. Everyone. Go. There. Now. I don't know if this is a sale or what but all Kleancolor polishes are that price. The handling fee for 1 polish was $1 and shipping was $1.71 for the one item bringing my total to $4.46. A bargain. I ordered it the 5th and it came yesterday, the 11th. It was wrapped in about a 2 ft long piece of bubble wrap and sealed with tons of strapping tape all safe and sound. I also liked how Beauty Joint sent me emails throughout the whole ordering process letting me know my order was received, processed, shipped, ect. I'm very happy with their website and will definitely be ordering from them in the future.

So onto the polish. I had heard that Kleancolor has a very strong smell, different from other polishes and I was prepared for that. The verdict: its definitely strong but, the weird thing is, I don't actually think it smells all that bad. Its not that I like the smell, I just don't mind it. It smells very familiar to me and I just can't put my finger (or nose!) on what it smells like. Mini science lesson: I know that our olfactory glands (smelling glands) are the sense most strongly connected to memory and it brings back some memory of childhood which disturbs me because it makes me wonder why a strong chemically smell would remind me of my childhood... I think it might be Mineral Spirits (paint thinner) that it smells a little like and the reason that would remind me of my childhood would be the time when WARNING, storytime, if you're not interested skip ahead to next paragraph shortly after my family and I had moved into our "new" house (the one we're living in now) and I was about 9, my mom wanted all the rooms painted in the house because she hates white walls. Together, my mom and I came up with the idea to paint the kid's bathroom a deep plum color and then sponge on silver stars. That first part went well until I was left alone to do the stars on the ceiling (no idea why on earth my parents would let me do that on my own unsupervised...) I had this little pot of the special metallic silver paint that I used a brush to paint it onto the star shaped sponge and then make the stars on the ceiling while standing on the ladder. I guess, for some reason, I thought it would be fun to also paint my entire silver as well (I was a very creative child...) and I continued on with the stars. The paint on my face had dried and started to itch and burn so I went and showed my parents and they were horrified. They immediately tried to scrub the paint off my face with soap and water but it wasn't coming off. It wasn't normal water based wall paint, it was more for stuff like door handles and such... kinda like nail polish now that I think about it!! They tried everything, and at that point I'm screaming and screaming because my face is burning and burning. So finally they have to wet a cloth with a little Mineral Spirits and clean my face with that. It felt like my face was burning off! So yeah, that explains why the smell of paint thinner reminds me of my childhood. If you read that, I hope you had a good laugh at my childhood misfortune and let me know if you would like to hear more childhood stories like that (because I have millions...)

Anyway... here it is. Chunky (Purple) Holo (Purple) wherever the "Purple" goes. I have it layered over 2 coats of Nicole I'm A Beliber, which is the closest I had to the base color. My application of IaB sucks so please don't focus on that. I used 2 coats of the Kleancolor, no top coat. The formula is thick and the base is mostly clear, very very faintly tinted purple so you could layer it over most anything. The brush is like the OPI Pro Wide brush which I like. It had a pretty normal dry time. I'm not even going to try describe the colors so I'll let the million pictures do the talking.

Sunlight pictures.

Not much effect in direct sun.

Bottle in sun.

Attempting to get color shift...

There it is...

The next set of pictures are all indoor by a window in the fading sunlight with the camera flash off. These are the best depiction of what this looks like.

I'm sorry that some are blurry. The flash is off because the sunlight couldn't be too bright as you saw above.

Here are some bottle pics because in my opinion, this is the prettiest polish in the bottle I've ever, ever seen...

My camera can't even handle all the beautifulness of it... I have literally 30 pictures just like this one.

Its so beautiful it almost makes me want to cry... I have no words to describe it... no, I'm not being dramatic...

And there you go. Go ahead and catch your breath. Because I know, its breathtaking.

And now I have a dilemma because I don't know what color to classify this under. I guess I won't. Hands down, this is #1 on my favorite polishes that I own (so far anyway) *sigh* I have nothing else to say about it.

Have a great night (day... whatever) and I hope to talk to you soon!

Thanks for looking, commenting and following!



  1. Oh dear. Paint on your face sounds horrific. o_o But the polish is gorgeous! :) This has been on my wish list since it came out. Hopefully I'll be able to get it soon!

  2. Haha, yeah that's one of my more traumatic childhood memories... I agree, its beyond gorgeous! I hope you get it soon!

  3. This polish is amazing!! I definitely am adding this to my wishlist!

  4. this is amazing its now on my wishlist lol! congrats on the followers :)

    shel xx

  5. I gave you an award, check out http://ladyluckbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/07/best-blog-award.html

  6. Somebody better ask Summer and Ami MANN what happens if their " director" makes the movie" KANSAS KINGS".

  7. @Shel- Thanks so much!
    @LadyLuck- Thanks a lot!
    @Anonymous- WTF?

  8. What a great color! Glad to hear your blog is growing (even though follower # doesn't matter!!!)

  9. Wee! You're back! This polish is AMAZING! I'm so glad I got it when I ordered my Klean Colors--I'm super pumped to try it now :)

    PS Loved your story! You probably should't use legit paint to paint your face in the future hahaha

  10. The nail varnish is really nice for both summer and winter, think I may buy ;) xx

  11. @Gotham- It is pretty great!
    @Whitney- I hope you love it as much as I do! I'm glad you enjoyed more story! :P
    @Lovelain- Great point! It really is, because you don't need lots of sunlight to appreciate it like holos!


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