Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up


So... sorry about neglecting my posting duties. My laziness just gets to me and time gets away from me. But now I'm back in school and while that should mean less time to post, being on a schedule actually helps me remember to post so I should be posting more frequently. Hopefully.

Today is the first day of classes. It would have been yesterday but due to Irene, the move in date for school was postponed from Saturday and Sunday to Tuesday. I'm wearing a tape mani inspired by Nailside using 3 Zoyas, which you will see sometime. But today I need to start posting from my backlog of pictures... once I get through those, I start showing current manis. 

So first is OPI No Room For The Blues. This was a huge lemming of mine from the time when I first got into nail polish in January and saw it on Chloe's Nails. I recently was able to get it my Ulta haul. Its not super unique, just your average bright sky blue. The formula is good. You can probably get full coverage in 2 coats if your nails are less stained than mine. My staining has gotten so bad that I have to do extra coats of light colors... :/ So I did 3 coats for the pictures. This is without top coat because at the time I was out of SV. I personally find that OPIs take a longer time to dry and don't wear very well, unless you use top coat. I don't regret this purchase but thinking back, I do wish that maybe I had used that $8 for a more unique polish.

These pictures are all under my LED desk lamp.

Next is a franken I made when I seriously needing a bright coral color (for some reason... probably because it was the middle of summer and it felt like a summer-y color.) To make it I used my franken that I called Pretty in Peach, which was too manikin hands on me and turned it coral. The original franken, Pretty in Peach was made of about 1/2 bottle of Sinful Snow Me White, 1/4 bottle of SH XW Sun Kissed and about 20 drops of a yellow creme. To make it a bright coral, I added a significant amount of Sinful Pink (neon pink), about 20 drops of CG Heli-yum and about 20 drops of Zoya Rica. The sparkle in Rica doesn't really translate onto the nail, however.

You can see in the bottle some of the sparkle (in some of the pictures... if you look really hard!), as well as that it doesn't look mixed all the way. It was, I shook the living hell out of it, and it was all mixed on the inside. I'm really happy with this franken, its the exact color I wanted. It took me a while to come up with a name for it but I finally called Malibu Barbie.

These pictures are all 3 coats with SV taken in sunlight.

I even did a matching pedi!

That's all for today. I have class in about 10 minutes, or that's when I'm leaving. I want to be there early and I'm still not sure how long it takes me to walk from this apartment to the science building.

I hope you all enjoy your day/night!

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