Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Best Blog Award

I'm back from the dead! Okay, that's not true at all, but I'm finally able to post for the first time in a while! I am really sorry about it, and I feel bad that I haven't gotten to post more this summer. But I'll be done working full time in less than 2 weeks so I will be posting regularly once again towards the end of August.

Also to my own (and my parent's) amazement, I haven't bought a single bottle of nail polish in a month. I couldn't believe it until I looked at the calendar and realized I hadn't bought any polish in a while. But then I've had to use the money I've been making to buy stuff for school. I think the only reason I got through a month of not buying nail polish is by redeeming my Zoya spoon credits for spoons. I'll have to show you all of the spoons that I have, it's kind of crazy all of the spoons I have. But anyway....

So, Ha Bisky! Nails was nominated for the Best Blog Award by Lady Luck a week or two ago (see how behind I am once again?)! She has a pretty ha bisky blog so you should go check it out! Thanks again Lady Luck!

-You must link back to the person who awarded this to you! 
-Share 7 random facts! 
-Award 15 blogs and answer the questions listed above! 
-And send the ppl awarded a comment letting them know! 


1. Fave Color - pink!
2. Fave Song -  I have to pick just one? 
3. Fave Dessert - chocolate creme pie!
4. What is pissing you off - certain co-workers 
5. When you're upset you - hold it all in till I either cry or tell a friend.
6. Fave Pet - cats. While I love dogs as well, I like cats just a bit more : )
7. Black or White - black, white gets too dirty quick.
8. Biggest Fear - having a tumor grow back on my spine after 14 years of being healthy
9. Best Feature - I try to help anyone out who needs help.
10. Everyday Attitude - try to be positive, but then annoying people ruin it.
11. What is perfection - sharing laughs and good times with close friends.
12. Guilty Pleasure - watching TV shows that remind me of my childhood.

Hey, Fiona butting in because I wanted to answer these questions too! :P

1. Fave Color - Purple
2. Fave Song - It changes often but right now its The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
3. Fave Dessert - Ah, so hard to choose!! Either black forest cake or cheesecake
4. What is pissing you off - People slamming doors in my house
5. When you're upset you - Same exact answer as Amanda! See why we're such good friends!
6. Fave pet - Definitely cats!!
7. Black or White - Black
8. Biggest fear - Suffocating... being choked or smothered, and spiders!!
9. Best feature - My creativity
10. Everyday attitude - Try to put on a happy face but a pessimist at heart 
11. What is perfection - Perfection doesn't exist. 
12. Guilty Pleasure - Reality TV and making fun of famous people 

7 random things about me:  

1. I've been completely in love with American Eagle jeans since freshman year of high school.
2. I like to read fan fiction.
3. I'm a big tea drinker and I'll only drink coffee if I really need it to keep awake.
4. I used to be deadly afraid of thunderstorms, but now I don't mind them at all.
5. I like to cook.
6. I like to plan stuff out waaaay before hand so that way I'm not doing things last minute.
7. I hate it when people talk in a movie theater.

1. I prefer to watch TV/movies with subtitles on because I have a hard time understanding what people say on TV as well as paying attention to the action.
2. I might be narcoleptic. 
3. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. 
4. I still have a hard time telling my left from my right and have gotten lost driving because of it.
5. I have an obsession with drinking ice cold water and have to have a mini fridge near my bed with cold water in it.
6. I can drink a 12 cup pot of coffee and then go to sleep right after.
7. I get very agitated if I start a book or a movie and am interrupted during it; I like to read/watch it in one setting. 

- F 

Now here are the 15 blogs that I'm giving this award to! Winners are...

Congrats ladies! Look for a comment from me soon!

So I hope that you all have a great rest of the week if I don't get around to posting again this week! 



  1. Thank You So Much!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much! This is so sweet of you. <3

    And no, a tag for an award isn't considered link spammage. At least not by me. :)


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